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COVID Protocol updates:

In accordance with the current recommendations by the Virginia Board of Veterinary Medicine, as well as state and government officials, we will continue to make changes to our practice to do our part to make sure everyone stays as safe and healthy as possible.  


1) The AVMA, board of veterinary medicine, state and government officials have recommended that we continue to maintain social distancing, wear PPE and see pets outside of homes at all times because of Covid-19.  As a result of these recommendations, Liz, Jez and I have seen pets in less than ideal situations (in the heat, rain, endured insect bites, etc...).  We are excited to announce the purchase of our new veterinary van, which will be used so that we can see your pets safely in an enclosed, clean, comfortable, climate-controlled environment, while continuing to practice social distancing.  The pets have done amazing!  Most dogs jump right on in, while the cats sit on our exam table and have been so well-behaved!  We have performed all of our exams, labwork, blood pressure checks, medical treatments, etc. in the van with no issues so far!  Communication during the visits is possible via the telephone or googleDUO.  We also have a large window in the back of the van if you would like to peek through during the exam. 


2) All cats will need to be placed in a carrier prior to our arrival so that we can safely transport them to the van.  If you do not have a carrier, we will provide one for you to use and can assist with placing the cat in the carrier if needed.  


3) For our canine patients:  My assistant will meet you at your door with a leash to transport your fur baby to the van.


4) In an effort to minimize contact and possible exposure, we will contact you prior to, during, and after the appointment to obtain a patient history and to discuss any concerns you may have.  An estimate will also be sent to you prior to the housecall appointment.  Receipts will be emailed to clients after the visit.


5) All appointments, including end of life visits, will take place outside of clients’ homes, masks must be worn for ALL appointments, and we will continue to practice social distancing of 6-10 feet.


6) Lastly, if you or your family members are quarantined or sick, please reschedule your appointment.  Telemedicine options are available for current clients only.  Contact us for additional information.

Thank you so much to our current and new clients for being so understanding and just so AWESOME during these changing times. We hope that you continue to assist us in ensuring that everyone, especially our most vulnerable clientele, continues to stay safe and healthy.  See you soon!


Thanks again,


Erika Venable-Johnson, DVM

Owner, Veterinarian

Dr. Johnson’s Mobile Veterinary Service


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